Are We Expecting You?

“Tell us”, they asked Jesus, “are You the One John said was going to come, or should we expect someone else?” Matthew 11:3

John the Baptist’s disciples asked Jesus a very important question, in fact, the most important question of all – “Are we expecting You or someone else?” This question really gets to the heart of the matter. If Jesus was not the long-expected Messiah, then He was merely wasting their time.

Jesus answers their question by pointing to the things that were happening through Him — people were being made whole, the dead were being brought back to life, the Good News was being preached to the very people who needed it! Jesus was the Expected One from God. His actions proved it.

How about you? Are you asking whether or not Jesus is the One you should expect? Look at what He has done for you – Once blind, now you can see God’s love in Him. Once limping along under the burden of sin, now He has healed you through forgiveness. Once bound for eternal death, now He gives you eternal life. Once you heard only bad news, now He gives you Good News. Yes, the Messiah you have been expecting has come. He is with you right now. And His name is Jesus!

Lord Jesus, reign in me, I pray
And make me Yours alone,
Who with the Father ever are
And Holy Spirit, one. Amen.

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